Country, Blues, Twangwave, and Grungegrass From Berlin

Valentine’s Day, Colorado Springs. A family sits down to brunch where each child gets a little basket of hearts and candies embossed with syrupy slogans like “Be Mine” and “Q.T. Pie.” As the pancakes are served, the parents say, “Kids, we have something to tell you.” 

“We’re getting divorced.” 

Those words have reverberated all the way to Berlin, where The Gincident, the twangwave/grungegrass band led by David Rocks—one of the children at that Colorado brunch—has just released a new album. The collection of heartbreak songs reflects the long road from Colorado Springs to Berlin: Walking barefoot through Paris and Florence, where David learned the pleasures of hanging out in cafes drinking wine and espresso and honed his skills busking on the streets, squares, and subway cars; Going under the wall in communist-era Berlin to explore the smoke-filled Kneipen of the East and develop an ear for good Stasi jokes; Smuggling banned books hidden in boxes of cornflakes on the night train to Krakow, where he was jailed for participating in a Solidarity-led protest and became a founding member of the seminal Polish psychedelic reggaepunk band Püdelsi. 

David migrated to Washington, Chicago, and Prague, then ended up in New York, where he found himself as a newly widowed single father of two teenage girls. Seeking a place to rebuild, in 2012 the family moved to Berlin, drawn by the city’s reputation as a place for reinvention, where outcasts and misfits have long forged new lives, a place whose heart was reduced to rubble and split in two, only to sew itself back together to become stronger than ever. 

Like the city whose rough edges and empty spaces have shaped and smoothed David’s latest collection of songs, the album True Stories reflects a spirit of reinvention and ability to find optimism even in the gloomiest times, with an ear for contemplative melancholy, an eye for telling detail, and a dark sense of humor. The album brings together trumpeter Paul Brody, fiddler Andrew Tweedie, bassist Stefan Nowak, drummer/percussionist Michael Beat, who together make up The Gincident. With special guest Kristiina Tuomi on vocals.

The Gincident plays festivals, Zoom chats, second weddings, funerals, Easter egg hunts, gender reveal parties, mudfests, monster-truck rallies, housewarmings, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, brunches, board meetings, and boxing matches. Contact The Gincident for details.

David Rocks: Guitar/Vocals
Paul Brody: Trumpet/Vocals
Michael Beat: Percussion/Vocals
Stefan Nowak: Bass
Kristiina Tuomi: Backing Vocals
Andrew Tweedie: Fiddle