Corona, Corona

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I stand at the window, afraid and alone
I know that you’re there, outside my home
You try to get in, but I know that I’m safe
I wash my hands and don’t touch my face

Corona, Corona, you used to mean beer
But now you ain’t nothing but fever and fear
Corona, Corona, you don’t worry me
Cuz I’m wearin’ my P P E

Now we’re stayin’ at home, and it ain’t no wonder
It’s six feet apart or six feet under
We’ll have quarantinis up in my room
I’ll see you tonight, over my Zoom

Corona, you was a circle ‘round the sun
Now you think you can make us quiver and run
Corona, Corona, you won’t bring me down
Cuz I got my gloves, goggles, and gown

I’ll pull up my mask, won’t sniffle or blow
Keep my breath to myself, sneeze in my elbow
I’m lovin’ my N-Ninety-Five
Cuz I’ve become a distant socialite

Corona, you were a Japanese car
Now you think that you can drive us apart
Corona, Corona, you don’t frighten me
Cuz you won’t find me without PPE
Corona, Corona, you can’t bring me down
Cuz I got my gloves, goggles, and gown
Corona, Corona, I ain’t scared of you
But I won’t leave the house until ‘twenty-two