I am the poor immigrant, washed up on your shore
I am the itinerant, knockin’ on your back door
I am the innocent in exile from the war
Won’t you give me sanctuary, a small space on your floor

I know that I ain’t easy, with the demons of my past
You know I need asylum, won’t you save this poor outcast

I am a predicament for you and all of yours
I am a bit different from all you’ve known before
But I ain’t no belligerent, I’m nothing to deplore
Won’t you give me shelter, a hideout from the storm

I know that I ain’t easy, but I promise I’ll be true
Won’t you give me refuge, babe, that’s all I ask of you

I am your bewilderment, the secret in your drawer
I am your testament, the words you’re looking for
I am your infinite, the one you can’t ignore
I can be your future babe, a new land to explore

Let me be your refuge, girl, a shoulder to lean on
I need you like you need me, to keep you safe and warm
You need me like I need you, a haven for all time
I can be your refuge, girl, and you can be mine
Let me be your refuge, babe, and you can be mine