David Rocks, guitar/vocals

David got his start in the New England bands Lothar and the Mayonnaise People and The Jetsons and was the original singer for Püdelsi, a group that topped the charts in Poland in the ’90s (admittedly after David quit). More recently, David was the leader of the New York bands Her Dog Henry and Lawnchair Rodeo and a member of Big Government in Berlin. As a solo artist, he has played in venues as farflung as New York, Denver, Paris, Frankfurt, Prague, Jerusalem, Saigon… and, yes, Berlin.


Paul Brody, trumpet


Paul is a longtime pro from Berlin, California, and Nashville who records solo and with his band Sadawi on the Enja Records and Tzadik labels. Trained as a classical trumpet player at the New England Conservatory in Boston, he soon switched to jazz, klezmer, and lately twangwave. Paul has performed with The Supremes, Shirley Bassey, Barry White, John Zorn, and Bob Moses.



Andrew Tweedie, fiddle

A classically trained violinist, Andrew later shifted his focus toward folk, blues and rock. He picked up guitar and played in 1980s London post-punk bands such as The Collection and Menace. He has also performed with the art-rock pioneer Laurie Anderson and British soft-pop sensation Rumer.


Michael Beat, drums, cajon and percussion/vocals

Michael has performed in Berlin, Istanbul and Warsaw in jazz and rock bands including Big Government, Sixpack, and the Karl Heinz Bomberg band.

Stefan Nowak, bass

Stefan started playing bass in Berlin cover bands in the 1990s–everything from metal to pop to country. He later moved on to original tunes with The Chickenhunters, Obscure, Scary Office, Big Government, and Easy Sundays, performing at venues in Germany and the U.K.


(Photos by Sean Gallup)